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Functional safety is becoming more important in products of all types, industrial and consumer. 

Systems are getting more automatic and autonomous and the types of controls being used are increasingly more complex,

In mobility, functional safety is paramount for the safety of passengers and pedestrians.

In manufacturing, functional safety provides operators far better metrics and control of the equipment underuse.  

From a business standpoint – functional safety allows manufacturers to operate with confidence in a well-defined functional safety environment

Our consulting services on functional safety

  • Coaching and training for your teams on functional safety standards (ISO 26262 ISO 21448)

  • Provide temporary safety roles for your projects

  • Implementation of safety processes, methods and tools

  • Conduct functional safety analysis for critical applications at the system, hardware, and software levels.

  • Conduct the functional safety audits reviews and assessments  at customers and suppliers

  • Specification and verification of safety requirements

  • Implementation of safety-critical software functions (ISO26262)

  • Safety support  for automated and autonomous driving (based on SOTIF ISO/PAS 21448)

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